Individual Sessions

in Guided Movement

The Individual Time in guided, gentle movement is an opportunity to have a 1:1, both supportive and exploratory session with Dr Anna Dako. The sessions allow to address specific problems or difficulties and work on a personal journey of re-connection and self-recovery, steered by the expansion in sensory system, embodied thinking and new depths of awareness and emotional resilience. 

Individual sessions can be booked via Zoom, in-person or outdoor walk formats. 




The living dynamic we all embody isn't only productive but first and foremost receptive. Our ability to listen whole-bodily is then the most important skill we often lack or refuse to give enough time and/or attention to. When our wellbeing suffers, when we feel the need to rebalance - deep listening to our bodily cues is exactly what our bodymind needs but doing it alone is always a challenge. We can only discover ourselves with help of others.


Gentle movement, breath work and guided self-inquiry time becomes then a precious journey to your whole self. And our whole self isn't limited to what is going on within our skin layers only. We, the living beings, thrive best when attentive and open to the delicate balance between our inner and outer worlds of relation. 

It is the skill of relating, in a mindful and balanced way, that the private sessions offered here by me are promoting and facilitating. We are all different individuals with different histories and different aspects of our wellbeing to attend to, but it is in the relational essence of life that we should seek our strengths, and mindful movement and expressiveness in any creative form can guide us there.

I will be delighted to guide you on your own journey, big or small, to mindful growth, health and ongoing wellbeing. With help of somatic feel:thinking in movement you will learn a lot of new skills in how to attend to the balances between your conscious and unconscious functioning, how to follow the cues that attending to movement offers and how to address the needs of ongoing change in psycho-somatic integrity. 

Through the guided engagement in creative processes of breath you will keep discovering the depths of reconnection that needs to take place to feel whole and to feel supported by the immediate environments you live in/with. 

I will be delighted to guide you. 


The sessions can be planned as part of any ongoing treatment, they can be a form of self-therapy you offer to yourself, they can support you in any self-developmental work including your own professional commitments or simply be an individually tailored quality time in your own self-care. 

If you currently feel challenged or overwhelmed by:

- developmental challenges (kids and teens)

- stress or any emotional problems

- eating and weight disorders

- fatigue and burn-out symptoms

- states of depression 

- challenges of ageing

- periods of convalescence

- or chronic disorders


please don't hesitate to reach out and contact me. 

I am looking forward to connecting soon.

Dr Anna Dako

Registered Somatic Movement Educator and Therapist

Important: Please contact Anna prior to booking a chosen time slot as she also takes offline bookings that do not get updated automatically on the site. Thank you.