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Walks to Wellbeing
for Organisations

Walks to Wellbeing for Organisations is a tailored activity, delivered to organised groups.


Duration of the walk, its location and content are planned to meet specific support needs and interests of individual groups.


The guided walk can be a fantastic offer within the wellbeing and green exercise scheme of individual organisations.

contact us for a chat and details at: 

The walks will allow participants to get to know the steps of experiential immersion as a form of self-therapy and how to keep discovering different entry points into ecological connectivity in walking and reflection that benefit our health, our wellbeing, and our ecological mindset. 

Each walk will be deeply connected to and inspired by local nature reserves and will strive to bring all the living and wellbeing-enriching aspects of the natural environment to our awareness and ponder over their deeper meaning as experienced in movement of walking.


We will be learning how to give the experience its voice and how to build a creative dialogue with the landscape’s distinctive qualities and the environmentally inclusive ‘whole self’.

On Walks to Wellbeing we focus on:

  • increasing the sense of vitality and wellbeing

  • understanding how physiology of body systems works (with focus on nervous system)

  • improving the ability to cope with and release stress 

  • improving the ability to focus and relate

  • expanding breathing capacities and proper diaphragmatic engagement

  • softening impulsiveness or temper and improving mood

  • expanding our emphatic connectivity with others

  • improving our emotional balance

  • improving morale, psychological and physical wellbeing

  • improving levels of self-resilience and calm confidence

  • connecting with greater body-awareness and trust in your inner wisdom



Regular, contemplative walking is a deep self-inquiry journey which brings the lived connections between Nature and the Self to the fore and which offers new insights to how we are in the world and how to remedy multiple imbalances.

There is no prior experience needed!


Walks to Wellbeing are created with specific themes in mind to ensure that the participants can gain the most from the sessions, and they can take place at an agreed nature reserve throughout Aberdeenshire, which is most convenient to the location of your organisation.

To discuss the bookings for Walks to Wellbeing for your organisation or for further information,

contact Dr Anna Dako at

Please click below to access our pre-booking group form,

so we can tailor your experience to suit your group's specific needs

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