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In The Open
Outdoor Arts Theatre

Free movement shaped by inclusiveness for all life, outdoors,

in the open.

In The Open is an outdoor arts theatre which weaves inspirations to all life inclusiveness together. The work builds on free, improvised movement shaped in embodied, eco-somatic arts experience explorations, and in openness to site-specific nourishment. In The Open lets the natural environment speak through creative expression while reflecting upon the felt qualities of its versatility, the flora, the fauna and the vivid wildlife around in more engaged ways, and explores the most innate connections between the inner and the outer worlds.


In The Open explores ways of being, living and belonging.


Inclusiveness, often full of vivid contradictions, is full of living dynamic we dance upon.


Our inspiration is Life itself and how, as human beings, we can build bridges of meaningful communication and exchange with wider life, in endlessly evolving movement.


Movement is the guide. It is our Receptivity, Responsiveness and Responsibility that construct the body of work, and allow the choreographic messages to emerge naturally.


We aspire to produce work that can be accessed in multiple formats: as a filmed production, as a visual installation, as an outdoor happening, or as an open process of embodied inquiry followed by in-person or online sharing.


In The Open means to dance authentically, in receptive listening. We are not performers per se, but simply living beings, amongst others, in continuous making. We carry the accessible traces of otherness within and we let the belonging with the animate world come to the artistic fore, as our living foundation and shared nativity.

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