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Practicing Self-Care in Felt Thinking


Phase Two of the SME Training Program will build upon the foundations established during Phase One. Only upon full completion of the first phase will you be able to progress onto Phase Two.

During this stage, you will be led by Dr Anna Dako to begin working on the Felt Thinking methodology at a deeper level, exploring how to become increasingly more responsive to yourself and your environment. You will learn how to widen your awareness so that you can find more meaningful and personalised entry points to engage in ecological connectivity.


You will also benefit from more personalised interactions with Dr Anna Dako as you progress in your own personal journey. With her help, you will be able to create pathways which allow for more animated co-creation through movement experiences in lived exchange, imagining and embodying. The emphasis during this phase will be shaped by your agency, together with the agency of the natural world around you, as you learn how to attend to it in deeper psycho-physical engagement.


Course Options and Prices


There are two options to complete Phase Two. You can choose 10 one-to-one sessions with Dr Anna Dako or an online option of 10 audio guided sessions. It is expected that Phase Two will take approximately 4 - 5 months to complete.


10 One-to-One Sessions

You can complete Phase Two in person by undertaking 10 one-to-one in person sessions with Dr Anna Dako (if you are local and/or able to travel to Aberdeen) or alternatively choose to complete these sessions via Zoom. 


Cost: £280 


10 Audio Guides

Once you have signed up, you will receive special access to 10 audio guided sessions. In addition, you will also receive an online one-to one session with Dr Anna Dako, once you have completed the whole phase.

These audio guides will each be a minimum of at least one hour in length and will be in the style of a directed workshop.

Each audio guide will be yours to keep and download, allowing you the freedom and flexibility to access it multiple times and at a suitable timing of your choice. 

Cost: £280

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