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Develop greater body awareness, deeper psycho-physical integration and release. Relax and realign your body and your self, with these audio guides.

Follow the gentle prompts and invitations shared within the audio guides,

as you (re)connect with your natural strengths.

To follow the guided sessions below please make sure you have a safe space to move within.

Hope you can allow yourself to be barefoot as well.

You are invited to stay aware of your surroundings at all time while feeling free to close your eyes every now and then to connect to your inner sensing. 

I also recommend rounding up every session with a short reflection in writing, drawing, or any positive affirmation you would like to share with yourself. 

The descriptive titles of the sessions below will guide you towards what feels right to attend to right now. 

Keep discovering yourself anew every time,

but acknowledge the continuation of your ongoing journey as well.

For more audio guidance, take a look at the Audio Guided Walks.

These are a series of 24 online audio guides, led by Dr Anna Dako and available by purchasing a year-long subscription.

Connect With Yourself

Introduction to Guided Sessions (audio).Anna Dako
00:00 / 09:23

Audio Guide 1: Introduction to Guided Sessions by Anna Dako

A warm welcome to the guided sessions in which the methodology of somatic felt thinking in movement is introduced. Get to know about the three phases of experiential engagement: sensual presence, experiential responsiveness and insightful intuiting. Learn what to expect from the sessions and how they are designed.   

Grounding with Footwork (audio)Anna Dako
00:00 / 17:24

Audio Guide 2: Gentle Footwork and Re-grounding Session

A warming up session in which we reconnect with the support of the ground through gentle footwork and whole-bodily breath.    

Whole Body - Cellular BreathingAnna Dako
00:00 / 24:43

Audio Guide 3: Whole-body Cellular Breathing Movement Session

An engaging whole-body movement session that exponentially deepens our relation to cellular breathing. It explores openness that lives in often unattended peripheries, and which provides support for the habitual and the shallow 'catching of the breath'.       

Sitting with Breath and its Unfoldings.mAnna Dako
00:00 / 13:12

Audio Guide 4: Sitting with Breath (Freeze/Breathe/Shift) Session

A brief and easy to follow session focused on growing our awareness and trust in breathing and reflecting on our habitual sitting patterns, and how to move out of them. It explores ways for travelling with the breath, for growing in its appreciation and for following its nourishing imagine-igs that speak to our bodily needs and longings.      

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