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At Dunami, we regularly dive into eco-somatic movement practices as a starting point for movement-based research and performative explorations, as well as an every-day wellbeing support. Highly rooted in the natural landscape, we seek to use the Felt Thinking methodology to provide participants with new tools with which to meaningfully engage with Nature, reconnect with the breath and awaken creativity and imagination through movement with and in response to the natural environment.

We are dedicated to promoting Somatic Movement Education (SME) practices which are ecologically aware and which seek to expand on our comprehension of the relationship between the natural world and movement per se, both functional and creative. Through the Felt Thinking approach, we also hope to encourage other practitioners and artists to engage with Nature in practice-based self-enquiry. At the same time, we also aim to support individuals to develop more intuitive, ecologically-mindful ways to respond to outdoors contexts when creating work.

As well as applying the methodology of Felt Thinking to performance practices, at Dunami we are also committed to offering a range of educational and wellbeing opportunities for creative practitioners, as well as members of the public. We are currently working on extending our reach further and are hoping to be able to offer greater support to companies and organisations, as well as individuals in the near future. In the coming months, we will be making arts and somatic practice more widely available to a greater range of corporations through somatic mindfulness training for staff and employees.


We are proud to be able to offer interested individuals from all walks of life and backgrounds the possibility to access guided practices, led by Anna Dako. Individuals are warmly invited to begin their journeys by exploring the available audio guides, to reflect on mindful living practices via our Mindful Living blog, or to join us and participate in one of our organised events. These have included creative contemplations and individual happenings online, as well as workshops and outdoor encounters with the natural landscape, such as our annual workshopping event The Spring Seedling, and the bi-annual 12 Walks To Wellbeing seasons.

Our ongoing activity: In The Open aims to merge choreographic practices with somatic approaches, whilst exploring movement in outdoors settings. We seek to create and share choreographic work which is produced in dialogue with and response to the natural environment. Through this outdoor arts work, we aim to produce a range of site-specific outdoor happenings/choreographic performances and short films. Currently, we are sharing about the work on ‘Forest Within’, which is took place at Countesswells Forest in Aberdeen.

​At the heart of our work is a desire to not only connect with Nature, but also with each other. Through our work, we hope to inspire and support people from all backgrounds, ages and abilities. We enjoy engaging with our audiences and hearing about your experiences. Above all, we welcome your feedback and interactions, whether you choose to leave a comment, upload a creative reflection or join us for one of our events. We warmly invite you to join our community and share in our work.

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