Movement Inspirations

Have you ever wanted to explore the relationship between the body and the outdoors? Have you wondered how movement can be created in response to and with Nature?

In these short Movement Inspirations, we offer you some stimuli to help you begin your exploration of movement in all its forms. We invite you to take time to simply explore what it feels like to move, to openly investigate different ways of moving as well as using different parts of the body to explore the concept of movement.

From large movements, to small, detailed or even very slow movements, these inspirations are designed to provide you with a foundation from which to engage in individual movement practice and set your creativity free.

Through the Spider's Web


Today’s Movement Inspiration is motivational :) Next time your phone shows 100% rain in weather forecast, please say -  Yes, finally! 

This is one of the cherishable movements you can find yourself in when in the midst of the dense forest blessed with autumn’s generous rain, sitting under a fallen tree, you get to glimpse at the world through a spider’s web. 

Hope you can find your own moment like this soon … rain or shine…

Patterns of Mind

Today, I stepped out of my comfort zone and followed somebody else's footsteps that I found in the sand. They brought me to this land of up-shooting grass, growing in the wet sand, and next to the tall sand dunes. Just sitting with the wind and its tactile presence in the grass filled by the sounds of the waves and the warmth of the sun created a sensual feast for my hands, and feet. 

How does the awareness of your mind habits affect your relationship to a place? 

Gravitational Nesting

If you wonder what sitting in a tree can do for you, this Movement Inspiration is just for you.

Today we rediscover our connection to gravity when lifted off the ground and supported by a welcoming tree.
We hope you can offer yourself some time, next time outdoors, to explore that amazing relation and rejuvenate your walk.

Slowing Down

How often can you offer yourself the gift of slowing down, for that meaningful moment, when and where you can start appreciating the subtleties of tactile responsiveness felt alive…?


There is always time to slow down, silently, with your eyes tightly closed. Perhaps one fine morning, you can offer yourself an opportunity to let your hands glide on air letting their movement develop by itself, just in response to the sensations within the depths of the skin. Playful or subtle, whatever the day brings for you. A nourishing exchange.

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