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Support Our Work

At Dunami we are continuing to develop work in a range of ways. From the audio guides, to one-to-one sessions that you can book directly with Anna Dako, as well as our monthly blog on mindful living and continuing work-in-development. 

In order for our work to continue, we greatly appreciate any support that you can offer.

Ways you can support Dunami:

  • Purchase the films - There are several films available on the website, including Being Human Being Nature , Forest Within and the In the Open films- all proceeds from the sales of these films are used to support the continuing research and work undertaken by Dunami.

  • Purchase the audio guides - with three free taster guides to get you started, why not continue the journey by purchasing the audio guides as they are released? All proceeds raised from the sales of the audio guides go towards funding the projects undertaken by Dunami.

  • Donate - you can donate as much or as little money as you would like to Dunami. We greatly appreciate any contribution you are able to make to support our continuing work.


  • Book a one-to-one session - if you want to undertake your own journey in somatic practice, book a session with Anna Dako and support the work and practice at the very heart of Dunami.

  • Attend our workshops and events - whether they be virtual or physical, come along to one of our workshops or events and meet new friends who share the same passion and interests as you.

  • Subscribe - subscribe to our website and follow us on Facebook here. You will be able to stay up to date with all the latest events, blogs and news from us and our developing projects and opportunities.

  • Share and comment - share our posts, events and news with friends and family. Comment on our posts and
    engage with others within our community. Helping to raise awareness of Dunami and our projects is a fantastic way to help us reach new audiences and support our work.

    However you are able to support our continuing work, whether financially through a donation or by purchasing one of our audio guides or films, or whether through increased exposure by sharing our website, work and posts, we would like to thank you! Your support is extremely valuable and important to us.

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