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Walks to Wellbeing

Walks to Wellbeing is a series of walks that allows you to get to know different entry points into ecological connectivity in restorative walking and reflection.

The walks are based on principles of experiential immersion in Felt Thinking, as the therapeutic methodology developed and taught by Dr Anna Dako.

Each walk is deeply connected to and inspired by the place of walking and strives to bring all the living and wellbeing - enriching aspects of the natural environment to our awareness while we ponder over their deeper meaning as experienced in gentle movement. Each walk is also an opportunity to learning how to give our experience its voice and how to build a creative dialogue with the landscape’s distinctive qualities while building a more inclusive sense of self.

Felt Thinking is a body-based way of working with functional movement in somatic experience of the Self. It is a deep self-inquiry journey which brings the lived connections between Nature and the Self to the fore and which offers new insights to how we are in the world and how to remedy multiple imbalances.

The Walks to Wellbeing are offered in three formats:

Dr Anna Dako exploring nature in various local outdoor settings


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