PhD Counselling in Education (Practice-based Research)

Registered Somatic Movement Educator and Therapist (RSME/T)

BACP (Individual Membership)

MA Dance and Somatic Wellbeing

MA Theatre Studies

I have been working as a somatic education and creative arts facilitator and therapist for almost a decade now and have a prior, over fifteen-year long experience working as a dramaturg, dance researcher, dance film maker, and performer, living and working as a freelancer in the Netherlands, Poland and Scotland, UK.

As a trained movement and creative arts therapist, I have been offering work grounded in connecting creative expression with its benefits for healthy developmental processes. Over the years I have developed a whole curriculum of themed workshops that represent versatile aspects of working with movement through senses and which build on developing most natural ways for relating to the world around us in fully embodied and more conscious ways, and which construct my ongoing work within embodied education and its reflective methodologies.

As a writer, I specialise in practice-based research, eco-psychology and environmental philosophy perspectives. During my doctoral research I have been developing movement-based approaches toward more embodied ways for ‘being well’ with the natural environment guided by processes of creative Felt Thinking. As a grounding methodology of reflexive and expressive self-inquiry, Felt Thinking opens up a whole new realm of philosophical contemplation on what it means to be human and on experiential movement as the basic ontology of relating to the living world within and around ourselves.

My aim as a somatic facilitator is to create conditions for creative journeys of self-discovery steered by the expansion in sensory system, movement, expressions and enriched by gaining new depths of awareness and emotional resilience. I cherish a very individual approach to working with movement, intuition and aesthetic sensitivity and always try to activate most natural methods for working with somatic experience, reflective expression, inner awareness and creative potential.


I specialise in concerns including eating disorders, stress, personal and emotional problems, addictions, burn-out, depression but work with a wide variety of people with a broader range of concerns. More importantly though, I offer working with contemplative movement simply as a daily practice of self-care, personal development and overall psycho-somatic wellbeing open to all levels and movement capacities. After all, breathing alone is movement too. 

Here are some of the memorable moments from my teachings, outdoor explorations and the many wonderfully inspiring collaborations: