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Walks to Wellbeing with Audio Guidance

A series of 24 audio guides, led by Dr Anna Dako

Treat yourself to the audio-guided Walks to Wellbeing from anywhere in the world, at a time of your choosing and while visiting some of your favourite outdoor places and paths!

A one year long subscription with access to a specially designed Online Members' Area is now available for purchase, which will allow you to access a series of 24 audio guided walks in Sensuous Receptivity in eco-somatic experience​ of the self as taught by Dr Anna Dako.


These will be accessible via a new login to this exclusive online environment, which you will be given upon purchase.


Included in the subscription, you will also receive a free online (Zoom) session with Dr Anna Dako at the end of the series to consolidate your experience, ask specific questions and find out more about the following stages of the training in Felt Thinking.

​The audio guides are approximately 20-30 minutes in length. You may listen to them whilst on your walk in your local area, allowing yourself to be guided whilst you are on location. Alternatively, you can listen to the audio guide prior to your walk and follow the instruction in your own time once there.

You will be able to access and download each audio guide, allowing you the freedom and flexibility to access it multiple times as well. You may also choose to be guided by them again at a different location to support your ongoing wellbeing. 

About the Walks To Wellbeing (Audio Guidance)

The Walks to Wellbeing (Audio Guidance) will introduce you to the three steps of experiential immersion as the creative methodology of Felt Thinking and how to keep discovering different entry points into ecological connectivity in movement and reflection.

Felt Thinking is a body-based way of working with movement in somatic experience of the Self. It is a deep self-inquiry journey which brings the lived connections between Nature and the Self to the fore and which offers new insights to how we are in the world and how to remedy multiple imbalances.

During the guided walks in ongoing Felt Thinking with Nature we will strive to bring all the living and wellbeing-enriching aspects of the natural environment to our awareness and ponder over their deeper meaning as experienced in movement. We will be learning how to give the experience its voice and how to build a creative dialogue with the landscape’s distinctive qualities and the environmentally inclusive ‘whole self’.

Key concepts explored during the audio guided walks include:


- Proprioceptive and interoceptive sensitivity and conscious movement

- Dialogical processes in relation to feeling, sensation, imagination, and functional movement

- Explorations into the inner landscape of the body through sensory awareness and meditative movement practice

- Skills of interoceptive and exteroceptive listening that support sensory homeostasis

- Being in the moment with reflexive voicing of the experience as a form of self-therapy

Please enjoy the taster to the experience of being guided on the outdoor Walks in Somatic Receptivity with these two first audio walks, which open the series of 24 walks. 

The guidance is designed to be paused and assisted with your own explorations of the exercises offered, and so the suggested minimum time spent on the walk is about one hour.


Do enjoy, and do not forget to take your reflective journal with you on the walk!

Complete List of Walks:


Walk 1     

Title: Sensual Listening and Connective Presence


Walk 2

Title: Movement Patterns, Perceptual Habits and Attitudes


Walk 3

Title: Complexities of Walking - Becoming Vertical (Part 1)


Walk 4

Title: Complexities of Walking - Becoming Vertical (part 2)


Walk 5

Title: Tuning into the Rhythms of the Earth


Walk 6

Title: On Experience of Air, Earth and Water within the Nervous System


Walk 7

Title: Into the Gut Body


Walk 8

Title: Living Relationships


Walk 9

Title: In Touch with the Self/World


Walk 10

Title: Somatic Receptivity in Listening


Walk 11

Title: Somatic Receptivity in Seeing and Being Seen


Walk 12

Title: On Being with Movement in Felt Thinking


Walk 13  

Title: The Mineral Body in Rotation, Flexion and Extension


Walk 14  

Title: Inhabiting Breath and Sound as Movement


Walk 15  

Title: To Feel Think with the Living Ground


Walk 16  

Title: Sensing into Changes in the Air


Walk 17

Title: Into the Sense of Muscle Agency (Part 1)


Walk 18

Title: Into the Sense of Muscle Agency (Part 2)


Walk 19

Title: Animal Other, Animal Self


Walk 20

Title: Processing and Digesting


Walk 21

Title: Into the Flow of Things


Walk 22

Title: The System of Fluid Transformation – the Endocrine


Walk 23

Title: On Wellbeing within the Kingdom of Plants


Walk 24

Title: Rounded in Receptivity and the Flow of the Experiential



£160 for the full season of 24 audio guides and a free one-to-one online session.

For seniors, £120 for the full season of 24 audio guides and a free one-to-one online session.

We are happy to let you know that an individually tailored pricing plan for the audio guides subscription is also available! 


Simply contact us for details!

Walks to Wellbeing (Audio Guidance) can be undertaken also as Phase One of the SME (Somatic Movement Education) in Felt Thinking Course. To find out more about the SME in Felt Thinking Course, follow the link below.

Walk 1 Walking with Sensual Listening and Connective Presence
00:00 / 14:12
Walk 2 On Movement Patterns, Perceptual Habits, and Attitudes
00:00 / 19:51
  • Walks to Wellbeing - Audio Guides

    Valid for 12 months
  • Walks to Wellbeing - Audio Guides (60+)

    Valid for 12 months
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