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Soma Scapes

a monthly therapeutic session
from the comfort of your own home


 Celebrating Seasonality of Wellbeing
and the Healing Support of the Natural World

All Welcome!


Wonderful NEWS! 

we are launching a special edition of SOMA SCAPES series this March, in collaboration with INTERCULTURAL ROOTS

SOMA SCAPES - Winter to Spring - March '24

4 weekly sessions edition:

7th March
14th March
21st March
28th March 

Book via Intercultural Roots website:

SOMA SCAPES - MARCH '24 (4 sessions) 

and after that :) 
 our next regular SESSION on18th April '24



About Soma Scapes

Throughout the cycle of the year, there is a gentle shift happening in how our body-minds operate and self-regulate. The seasonality of this experience is naturally fostered by the changes happening in the natural world and the transformational energies that those changes are guided by. 

From spring to summer and from autumn to winter, listening deeply into the essence of every month will be our inspiration to explore the natural cycles of our body. Listening deeply into the natural world opens gateways to listening to ourselves, our bodies, and our souls. Moving consciously through the year with its changing seasons raises awareness of our changing bodies. Whether it is the cycle of a day, a monthly cycle, the season or life itself - we are in constant movement, constantly changing, inside and outside. Health and wellbeing are strongly connected with our ability to flow with the awareness of change.


We will be guided through our inquiry through questions such as what nurtures us? What is the right pace? What are our needs? What wants to settle? What seeks expression?


In gentle movement explorations and learning about the body systems in self-inquiry, we will be building our own body patterns that support the inner resilience and the nourished by the natural world sense of wellbeing. How well can you listen to what your body communicates? And how can you support yourself in addressing any hidden dis-balance? 

Whether it is about more rest, more emotional discharge, more head space or more room to explore your own body’s makeup, Soma Scapes offers a monthly occasion for you to learn about the many dimensions of eco-somatic psychology.

This workshop series is designed to inspire, explore and support our individual journeys to wellbeing through minding the natural connection between our inner bodies and the body of nature. We will meet to build connections that hold us safe within today's troubled world and to exchange our experiences of any life season.


Growing skills in self-care and making friends with our own change capacities is the goal. Trusting the balance between our inner and outer worlds will be our guide. 

Who Is It For?

Open to all ages 18+. Come open minded to connect with your inner needs for embodying positive change, no matter what season of life you are in.

Recommended for boosting resilience, recuperation, self-development, inner growth, and overall wellbeing improvement. 

Seniors and individuals in versatile recovery periods are especially welcome. 

Guidance: Dr Anna Dako & Martina Polleros

Location and Price

Soma Scapes is an Online Workshop, taking place between 18.00-19.30 GMT every third Thursday of the month.

Book your place today and add the event to your monthly agenda!

How to Prepare


An online class is a wonderful opportunity to join us from the comfort of your own home. We would just love you to have a blanket, and some writing and drawing materials with you. Access to sitting on the floor, rug or on a mat would also be great, plus some warm socks. Feel free to grab a drink too.


We cannot wait to see you there!

with many greetings, Anna and Martina



To learn more about Body Scapes sessions as an introduction to eco-somatic psychology, watch Anna's invitation here: 

Connecting with nature
Body Scapes
Exploring nature
Dr Anna Dako
Martina Polleros
Body scapes
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  • 12 sessions pack

    12 Body Scapes - Discount Offer - Save up to £30 !!!
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