Eco-Somatic Practice in Felt Thinking Methodology



The third and final phase of the SME Training Program will culminate in an intensive 3 day-long retreat. You can only attend the Phase 3 Retreat upon full completion of the first two phases of the program.

Phase Three will focus upon insightful intuiting and eco-somatic integration, seeking to open up pathways for deeper insights and intuitions about the ontological relation between Nature and the self. In this phase, you will be able to combine and apply all the learning, skills and tools you have acquired during the previous phases of the program. This will include experiential processes of letting go, of embodied intuiting and inner shifts. During this phase the experiential content is shaped by ‘in-search’ merged into ‘out-search’, as you rediscover ‘the natural’ within yourself in relation to the endodermic, deepest intensity of experience, where a more inclusive belonging to the primordial ‘time as self’ will be found.

Course Options and Prices

The intensive 3 day-long retreat will take place on site in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. The precise location will be announced in due course. It is currently scheduled for 19th - 22nd August 2022, although this may be subject to change. Should an on-site retreat be not possible at this time (due to pandemic restrictions), then the retreat will go ahead in an online format.

Cost: TBC