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   Spring             Seedling

an annual workshop exchange series in dance, movement and somatics

with focus on intercultural and environmental contexts of practice

Join us for a two-day festival and workshop sessions exploring inclusive movement practices!

About Spring Seedling

Spring Seedling is an annual workshop exchange series that connects the fields of dance and somatics with intercultural dialogue and environmental arts, and which is based around a given, biannual theme. 


At the core of the event are two key overarching aims.


Firstly, to promote and facilitate intercultural dialogue by moving together and exchanging different professional perspectives on somatic experience of selfhood, while emphasising both inclusivity and diversity welcomed and supported by the practices.


Secondly, to promote the links between more traditional, largely indoor-based, somatic practices with ecosomatic practices, which are more ecologically focused and which open our understanding of the self to larger contexts of being in the world. 

How can we better relate to the natural world and develop a more symbiotic relationship with it that can support our own self-care?


The indoor workshops will focus on sharing and offering support tools arising from somatic movement explorations that can be utilised in daily life to support wellbeing across a range of personalised contexts.

The outdoor workshops will focus on aspects of environmentally-mindful practices that help to explore the value of the natural world in supporting our ongoing wellbeing, expand of healthy sense of belonging in the living world around and reflect on moving towards healthier and more sustainable lives.


Coming to you every April

Treat yourself to this wonderful opportunity to charge, learn, share and open up to new ways of supporting yourself in movement and creative wellbeing practices. 


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Event organised by Dunami - Movement | Arts | Wellbeing with support from:

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