The Spring            Seedling

an annual workshop exchange series in dance, movement and somatics

with focus on intercultural and environmental contexts of practice


Join us for a two-day festival and workshop sessions exploring inclusive movement practices!

About The Spring Seedling

The Spring Seedling is an annual workshop exchange that connects the fields of dance and somatics with intercultural dialogue and environmental arts, and which is based around a given yearly theme. 


At the core of the event are two key overarching aims. Firstly, promoting and facilitating intercultural dialogue through somatics and movement, including highlighting and improving the visibility of the variety of international practitioners of differing backgrounds, and emphasising the inclusivity and diversity welcomed and supported by the practice. Secondly, promoting and embedding the links between more traditional, largely indoor-based, somatic practice with ecosomatic practices, which are more ecologically focused and which take place predominantly outdoors. 


Each year, a new theme will be chosen for exploration, which will be realised through a three phased process. 


In the first phase, a Spring Seedling event will take place each spring in April. The Spring Seedling will be a two-day long festival/retreat on (eco)somatic practice for wellbeing. This event will consist of workshop exchanges, led by invited guest professionals and practitioners in the fields of dance and somatics, and will take place both indoors and outdoors in the Aberdeenshire area. 

The indoor workshops will be designed to provide the participants with tools from somatic movement practice which they can utilise in daily life to support their wellbeing, across a range of contexts.

The outdoor workshops will focus on aspects of ecosomatic practice and will support participants to explore the value and benefits of the natural world for the purposes of wellbeing and movement. This will also be linked to indoor sessions, which will support participants to explore how movement can be used to support them in daily life, help release tension and move towards leading healthier and more sustainable lives. In particular, the weekend will explore how, through engagement with natural landscapes and the local outdoors spaces, individuals can learn to better relate to the natural world and develop a more symbiotic relationship with it that can support them to develop their own self-care and self-therapy skills and practices. 


The second phase of the project will see the creation of an outdoors film production, part of the ongoing In The Open series of films. This filmed project will expand upon the themes explored during the Spring Seedling event and will be created in direct connection to the event. The process of devising and creating the film will be a further research opportunity within the ecosomatic methodologies explored during the Spring Seedling event.


The third and final phase of the project will focus upon the creation of documentation and opportunities to provide further educational outreach opportunities. This will include sharings/screenings of the film at various events, including short film and dance film festivals, conferences and seminars. Additionally, the third phase will also focus on the creation of written documentation to promote ecosomatic practice and make it more widely accessible and visible to a wider range of audiences. This will result in publications (e.g., academic papers, book contributions, online resources, etc.) which will support the visibility of the work and help to educate more people about the practice of ecosomatics as self-therapy.

The Spring Seedling event is designed to be accessible to everyone, regardless of experience or background. Its aim is to promote the benefits of somatic practice to people in a range of contexts as a tool for supporting mindful wellbeing, highlighting the applicability of such practice to daily life, as well as supporting individuals to develop self-therapy skills that they can readily use whenever they need.

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Event organised by Dunami - Movement | Arts | Wellbeing