12 Walks to Wellbeing

The Biannual 12 Weeks Series by Anna Dako

(September - November 2020, Aberdeen)

When did you last dance in response to the movement of the clouds? Or walked in tune with the singing birds? Have you ever exchanged a thought with a tree? Or got all fuzzed-up, muddy rushing barefoot down the nearby grassy hill?

It is never too late to start living a fuller, richer life whilst catching up on these experiences, and on more, so much more… you can't even tell. Creative attunement with the living environment around us is undoubtedly inexhaustible, as life itself, always on the move, always changing. Just like you. 


If you are curious about what there is in stock for you, simply by allowing some time and space to unroll, nourished by local landscapes of self-discovery, these Nature Walks are for you. It is Nature’s gift to help us find our own. When we do, our wellbeing follows too.


From grassland, heathland, wetland to woodland, Aberdeen has it all. This autumn’s challenge is to do something good for yourself in 12 Nature Walks in contemplative Felt Thinking and creative reflection within local nature reserves, most within 10-15 mins drive from the city centre! Rain or Shine!




On Felt Thinking



How can mindful shift from explosive habitation to creative co-presence benefit both our own and Nature’s wellbeing?


Can we let the natural environment speak through movement and creative expression to help us learn about the felt qualities of the living, versatile landscapes, the flora, the fauna and the vivid wildlife around in more engaged and embodied ways?


Felt Thinking is a body-based way of working with movement in somatic experience of the Self that addresses such questions. It is a deep self-inquiry journey which brings the lived connections between Nature and the Self to the fore and which offers new insights to how we are in the world and how to remedy multiple imbalances.


In Felt Thinking we focus on:


- Proprioceptive and interoceptive sensitivity and conscious movement

- Dialogical processes in relation to feeling, sensation, imagination, and functional movement

- Explorations into the inner landscape of the body through sensory awareness and meditative movement practice

- Skills of interoceptive and exteroceptive listening that support sensory homeostasis

- Being in the moment with reflexive voicing of the experience as a form of self-therapy


Contemplating movement is a very intuitive, imaginal, spontaneous and improvisational activity that involves all the sensual acuteness, kinaesthetic and proprioceptive awareness, embodied presence and a very open attitude toward listening, receiving, and being with whatever is, internally, externally, always transitioning. It is based on practicing one’s ability to move that emerges from our inner sensing and the visceral phenomena, as well as staying responsive to the external stimuli of the space or landscape, where movement shapes itself as a living conversation, a meeting ground between what is or what comes into being, at any given moment.


During the 12 weekly walks in ongoing Felt Thinking with Nature we will strive to bring all the living and wellbeing-enriching aspects of the natural environment to our awareness and ponder over their deeper meaning as experienced in movement. We will be learning how to give voice the experience and how to build a creative dialogue with the landscape’s distinctive qualities and the environmentally inclusive ‘whole self’.


In this series of walks we will be getting to know the three steps of experiential immersion as the creative methodology of Felt Thinking and how to keep discovering different entry points into ecological connectivity in movement and reflection.


You can participate in the whole series as a training course in the method of Felt Thinking or come along to a few to unwind in gentle movement explorations and open, supportive exchange. All welcome. 


When: 9.00-12.00 every Saturday between 5th Sep - 28 Nov 2020 (See calendar below.)

Cost: £10 per morning session.

Special Offer: Book any 6 walks of your choice and get the remaining 6 for free! Only £60 for the full season.

Book a space, and let us know you are coming! Please register irrespective of the number of walks you will chose to join.


See you soon, Anna

Calendar of Walks:

Sat 5 Sept - Donmouth Nature Reserve

Sat 12 Sept - Den of Maidencraig Reserve

Sat 19 Sept - Scotstown Moor

Sat 26 Sept - Balmedie Beach

Sat 3 Oct - Hazlehead Woods

Sat 10 Oct - Kincorth Hill

Sat 17 Oct - BREAK

Sat 24 Oct - Tollohill Wood

Sat 31 Oct - Countesswells Forest

Sat 7 Nov - Kirkhill Forest - CANCELLED

Sat 14 Nov - Tyrebagger Forest

Sat 21 Nov - Brimmond Hill

Sat 28 Nov - Drum Castle Forest


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