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                           Spring             Seedling​

an annual workshop exchange series in dance, movement and somatics

with focus on intercultural and environmental contexts of practice


April 2023:

The Brick Body

fostering resilience and wellbeing in connection to the living matter

Join us for a two-day festival and workshop sessions exploring somatic movement!

About The Spring Seedling

The Spring Seedling is an annual event, in which practitioners explore a given theme using their individual practice and methodology in somatic movement.

Each year there is a different theme. Participants are led through a series of workshops designed to provide them with strategies from somatic movement practice which they can utilise in daily life to support their wellbeing, across a range of contexts.

The Spring Seedling event is designed to be accessible to everyone, regardless of experience or background. Its aim is to promote the benefits of somatic practice to people in a range of contexts as a tool for supporting mindful wellbeing, highlighting the applicability of such practice to daily life, as well as supporting individuals to develop self-therapy skills that they can readily use whenever they need.

The Spring Seedling 2023

The theme for the second Spring Seedling event will centre around the The Brick Body. We will seek to explore different ways in which we can utilise somatic movement practices to foster resilience and wellbeing in connection to the living matter and the natural landscapes around us.

Through the workshop exchanges, both indoors and outdoors, we will be exploring different ways in which we can find new paths to 'letting go' through exploration of our own vulnerability and courage. We will consider how we can begin to dig in to our brick bodies, using the ground and the natural environment as an opening to access our inner selves and to support our wellbeing, as well as examining our own experience and relationship to self and others. The workshops will explore how individuals can use the practice of somatic movement to build their own strategies to develop resilience and promote wellbeing in daily life, across a range of contexts. They will equip participants with the skills to adjust their mindset and provide a toolkit for individuals to be able to use themselves in the real contexts of daily lives and the places where were live. Throughout the course of the weekend, we will seek to find new entry points into this year’s theme, always opening ourselves to emerging possibilities, perspectives and opportunities presented by the workshop leaders, as well as the participants themselves.

Through the workshop exchanges, you will be able to explore your own quality of movement and learn how you too can use movement for support. From using dance and movement to support yourself, to helping others to provide support for themselves in a range of contexts. You will gain insight into how you can use movement and somatic practices for self-care, growth and wellbeing. The outdoor sessions, taking place in Aberdeenshire, will highlight how the natural landscapes around us can be used to explore our selves, as well as our relationships to each other and the natural world.

The sessions are a welcoming and open environment, approached first and foremost with a sense of curiosity and exploration. Guided by experienced somatic practitioners, participants will be invited to make new discoveries and connections throughout the event. It is an event open to everyone, whether you are familiar with somatic practice or not. The only requirement is curiosity and a willingness to explore.

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Structure of the Day


The Spring Seedling will take place over two days, consisting of three workshops on the first day and two workshops (including the outdoors session) on the second day. Workshops will last approximately 1-1.5 hours and will be led by an experienced practitioner, who will be using their individual practice and methodology to explore this year’s theme.


The outdoor session is currently scheduled to take place on Sunday morning at Cove Bay Harbour, Aberdeenshire. It will focus on aspects of ecosomatic practice and will support individuals to explore the value and benefits of the natural world for the purposes of wellbeing and creative development. Transportation to and from the outdoor location via a mini-van will be available for all participants.

The event will culminate in an open exchange/improvised performance session at the end of the weekend. Practitioners and participants will be invited to engage in a time of shared reflection, from the perspectives of practice and of the theme, and finally, to reflect on what was achieved during the course of the weekend. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and share thoughts for further consideration and enquiry.

A full schedule of the event will be available in March 2023, which can be downloaded.

Workshop Leaders

There are currently three confirmed workshop leaders for the Spring Seedling 2023 event, with two others yet to be added. The outdoor session will be led by Dr Anna Dako. 


Martina Polleros, MA, RSME/T

Anna Dako, PhD, RSME/T, UKSMDT


Francis Angol, MA, RSME/T

Workshop Descriptions


Details of each individual workshop will be released during March 2023.

Date and Venue

22nd - 23rd April 2023

Venue: Schoolhill Studios, Citymoves, Aberdeen

Outdoor workshop location: Cove Bay Harbour, Aberdeenshire

The event will run from 9.30am until 6pm each day, with the first workshop starting at 10am. A full schedule of the event will be released in due course.

Tickets and Pricing​​

Tickets for The Spring Seedling will be available to purchase directly from the Dunami website from mid-March 2023.

Tickets can be purchased for the full weekend, for the Saturday workshops only (Day Ticket), or for individual workshops (Saturday only). 

We are also offering THREE fully funded tickets to individuals on low incomes for the full Spring Seedling weekend event.


Full weekend ticket - £80 (£60 for concessions)

Day Ticket (Saturday only) - £40 (£35 for concessions)

Single Workshops (Saturday only) - £20 (£15 for concessions)

(Concessions are available for Seniors, Students and members of the Association for Somatic Movement Dance Therapies UK)

Eligibility for Fully Funded Tickets

In order to be eligible for a fully-funded ticket, you must meet one the following criteria:
-earn £16,000 or less per year
-be out of work or unable to work (due to health reasons)
-be in receipt of Universal Credit


If you meet the eligibility criteria, simply email Anna at, with the subject line 'Fully Funded Tickets'.

Please clearly state your name and contact details, along with a brief explanation of how you meet the eligibility criteria. We reserve the right to ask you to provide evidence that you meet the eligibility criteria. 

Funded places will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

You may apply for a funded place from 27th March 2023 - 14th April 2023.
Any emails received outwith these dates will not be considered.

Fully-funded tickets only cover the cost of the event ticket. You will be responsible for paying for your own transport and accommodation costs.



We are committed to ensuring that the Spring Seedling event is fully accessible to all participants, regardless of disabilities or limitations. We ask that participants notify us of any disabilities, health conditions or other barriers they may have when booking tickets. This will enable us to ensure that suitable measures have been put in place to facilitate full participation for all those attending.

The Schoohill Studios site has a lift and is accessible to anyone with physical disabilities or mobility issues. The outdoor location has been carefully chosen to ensure that it offers accessible routes and appropriate spaces for all individuals. We will also be hiring a mini-van to transport participants to and from the outdoor location, which we will ensure is suitable for wheelchair users. We also welcome participants who are deaf or who have audio difficulties and are able to provide a BSL interpreter, if needed. 

We invite interested participants to get in touch with us if they have any queries or concerns regarding their ability to access  or participate in the event. We are keen to ensure that we remove as many barriers as we can to ensure all attendees are able to benefit from the full experience offered by the event. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding accessibility, please email Anna at  

More Information

We will be sharing updates on The Spring Seedling 2023 via our Facebook page and Instagram, as well as via the website.

You can download the Welcome Pack 2023 here.

You can also browse The Spring Seedling 2022 event and its schedule by clicking here.

Event organised by Dunami - Movement | Arts | Wellbeing

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