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20th May 2023

The Brick Body

fostering resilience and wellbeing in connection to the living matter

Movement in nature
Movement in nature
Spring Seedling workshop
Spring Seedling workshop
Spring Seedling logo


Join us this May to celebrate and explore the inclusive movement practices

that support your health and wellbeing!



The theme for Spring Seedling 2023 event will centre around 'The Brick Body'.

This May we will seek to explore different ways in which we can utilise somatic movement practices to foster resilience and wellbeing in connection to living within the coastal landscapes around us.

We will focus on finding new paths of 'letting go' through exploration of our own vulnerability and courage. We will consider how we can begin to dig in to our brick bodies, while connecting to aspects of the natural environment as an opening to access our inner selves, as well as examining our own relationship to self and others.

The workshops will explore how we can trust our embodied experiences to build our own  resilience and promote wellbeing as well as how to adjust our mindsets and grow a toolkit of support strategies to use in daily life. Throughout the course of the day, we will seek to find new entry points into this year’s theme, always opening ourselves to emerging possibilities, perspectives and opportunities presented by the workshop facilitators, as well as the participants themselves. We will explore sensations, imaginings, visit the stored residue of memories, and individual ways of belonging and relating. 

​The participants will be able to explore their own qualities of movement and learn how they too can use movement for support. From using dance and movement to support yourself, to helping others to provide support for themselves in a range of contexts of self-care, growth and wellbeing. The focus on our inner connection to the landscapes will highlight how it can also help to explore ourselves, as well as our relationships to each other and the living world. 

We will move and share in an open and inviting atmosphere, aided and enriched by the sounds of live music accompaniment inspired by the local landscapes of coasts, shores and bays.


​The event is designed to be fully inclusive and sessions are held in a welcoming and open environment, approached first and foremost with a sense of curiosity and exploration. It is an event open to everyone, whether you are familiar with somatic practice or not.


Treat yourself to this wonderful opportunity to



share &

open up

to new ways of supporting yourself

in movement 


creative wellbeing practices


inspired by the local landscapes

Spring Seedling workshop poster

Workshop Facilitation and Live Music by

Dr Anna Dako

Dr Anna Dako

Francis Angol

Francis Angol

Moussa Dembele

Workshop Themes

Flow - The Call and Response of the Landscape

by Francis Angol

In today’s global matrix where imagery to some extent shapes our reality, the social and economic structures that we are forced to live by, can impact our life in such a way that forces us to unknowingly define who and what we are by the values and norms that it boldly placed before us. In doing so, we slowly gradually move away from a centred and balanced existence with the natural environment and create more of a destructive flow to our presence.


To address this issue, Francis Angol through his therapeutic practice – ‘Body in Rhythm’, draws from the philosophical teachings and practices of Western, and African Diasporic embodied movement traditions, to offer individuals an opportunity to explore the healing presence of the natural environment through his immersive workshop - ‘Flow - the call and response of the landscape’.


Bringing a focus on the life cycle of the costal landscape as a metaphor for renewal and change, the workshop takes individuals through a widening field of possibilities to explore ways in which we as human beings, can bring greater balance and flow to our life cycle. An opportunity to reflect, explore and experience the meeting of presence with existence, to curate a deeper awareness and understanding of the benefits of the unseen properties of our natural landscapes.


From an ecological perspective the workshop makes a parallel between the living body and what Angol calls the ‘landscape body,’ to infuse, inform and dissect indigenous knowledge of our environment. The workshop will allow participants to discover through a journey of play and exploration, ways of unearthing knowledge of unexplored ways of being that can further underpin our way of living, being and becoming.


Through exploring the relationship with the living matter of our environment, the workshop primarily focuses on creating pathways into the body, inviting participants to play and take pleasure in the art of self-discovery to unlock barriers to self-knowledge. An experience that aims to allow the self to unfold within a more mental, physical, and spiritually centred and attuned body, adding to the enrichment and support of our health and wellbeing.

Embedding Change - Negotiating Health through Life Cycles of Living Matter 

by Anna Dako

The solar system is nearly 5 billion years old, and our sun is just one of over 200 billions of other stars in the galaxy, scattered trillions of miles away from one another. The Earth, alongside the presence of its water-rich corporeality, is dated as being 4.6 billion years of age, and the oldest rocks on our planet are as old as 3.8 billion years or older.


How can one comprehend change when tuning into the time scales of the Earth’s life cycles? And how can one meet the life cycle of the rock, so present in the local landscapes of coastal life in the north-east, which has been shaped by geological processes over millennia. Slowness of erosion versus abruptness of eruptions. Ice versus magma. Rocks change, break and move over time.


From igneous to sedimentary to metamorphic, rocks are the part of a cycle of creation, distraction and re-creation. Just like our human body, the body of earth is influenced by changes in temperature, pressure, humidity, weather exposure, etc. Minerals mix with organic material to form the soil on which plants and animals rely. Yet the rock is also the most reliable matter, that provides us with solid ground under our feet, and home-building blocks of granite, sandstone and marble.


In our explorations of the theme we will pay attention to what it means to live and understand our own body as a geological site, connecting through historicity of experience while negotiating best paths for health and inner developments for positive change. Somewhere between movement and stillness lie our answers to what we are made of, and how we can best support the ongoing constitution of wellbeing.


Inner sensing, movement contemplations and playful shifts in response perspectives will be our guides on this self-exploratory journey. Learning about qualities of change is a life-long adventure.

Date and Venue

20th May 2023, 9.30 - 18.00 (with a lunch break) 

Venue: Schoolhill Studio, Citymoves, The Triplekirks, AB10 1JS, Aberdeen, UK

Tickets (click on the price to book via Eventbrite)

Full ticket - £118 

Concessions - £96 



We are committed to ensuring that the Spring Seedling event is fully accessible to all participants, regardless of disabilities or limitations. We ask that participants notify us of any disabilities, health conditions or other barriers they may have when booking tickets. This will enable us to ensure that suitable measures have been put in place to facilitate full participation for all those attending.

The Schoohill Studios site has a lift and is accessible to anyone with physical disabilities or mobility issues. The outdoor location has been carefully chosen to ensure that it offers accessible routes and appropriate spaces for all individuals. 

We invite interested participants to get in touch with us if they have any queries or concerns regarding their ability to access  or participate in the event. We are keen to ensure that we remove as many barriers as we can to ensure all attendees are able to benefit from the full experience offered by the event. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding accessibility, please email Anna at  

More Information

We will be sharing updates on Spring Seedling 2023 via our Facebook page and Instagram, as well as via the website.

You can download the Welcome Pack 2023 here.

You can also browse the previous Spring Seedling 2022 event and its schedule by clicking here.

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Event organised by Dunami - Movement | Arts | Wellbeing in collaboration with Movement Angol and with support from:

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