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In Movement

Our body, soma, is a living landscape, the field of sensation and the ground for openness and creativity when experienced through free movement. And yet it is also a memoir of all life experiences, stored and affected by every day choices and habits which we fall for within our urban life systemic limitations.

How do we stop experiencing Nature as external to who, what and how we are, and rediscover our inborn connections to it within ourselves and enhance freedom of expression and our natural strengths?

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Learning to move with awareness from different body systems, means to move with care and ease, finding the support from within, and deconstructing our tendency to act out of habit.


Learning how to observe and connect with movement, both within ourselves and in our living environments through breath, inner sensing, movement, stillness, expression, and contact opens new ways of relating and creates a whole new sense of belonging.


It reshapes our life in new, more responsible ways and speaks for our ecological unconscious.

Nature moves us as much as we move Nature.


We are Movement by Nature.


The Natural Self
in EcoSomatic
Felt Thinking

at Dunami we offer a variety of ways to foster 
ecologically informed self-care and creative wellbeing

Join us for an outdoor walk, an online class, an on-site workshop or plan for an individual session and experience: 

  •  greater strength, resilience and flexibility

  •  increased vitality, health and sense of wellbeing

  •  rebalanced and deepened breath

  •  heightened sensuality and increased receptivity

  •  awakened creativity, connectivity and attentiveness 

  •  greater body awareness and trust in your body’s wisdom

  •  deepened respect for Life as Nature’s way

That really is what minding free movement within and around ourselves can bring into our lives!

We also look forward to receiving your support for multiple research and environmental arts projects as well as other community-oriented activities we offer throughout North-East Scotland.
Please drop us a message if you would like to collaborate, or host a workshop or a screening by us. Let's connect in practice. 

I hope you will find some most nourishing ways here
to both inspire and support you! And I hope to see you soon.

Dr Anna Dako


The Three Dimensions of Movement Engagement

in Somatic Felt Thinking

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and sensuous presence

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and experiential exchange

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and insightful intuiting

What Dunami Offers