Earth Day 2021

The Art of Listening: Let Nature Do the Talking

An official Individual Initiative supported by Earth Day Network (


In honour of Earth Day on the 22nd April 2021, we at Dunami would like to invite you to participate in a small individual happening – a creative contemplation outdoors, in which you Let Nature Do the Talking.


As we emerge from a challenging year, in which many of us have been confined to our homes for prolonged periods of time, we invite you to take this time to engage in an individual artistic encounter with Nature in active listening and No Talking. Whether you have an hour to spare, or only 10 minutes, we invite you to set aside some time to listen to the natural environment around you.


You may choose to mark the event by visiting your local nature reserve or another outdoor space which has provided sanctuary and calm during the times of lockdown. Or instead, you may choose to visit an outdoor location you have missed and been unable to visit (providing that travel is permitted to the area).


We invite you to take some time to reflect and to listen to the natural world. How has this outdoor space changed or evolved in the course of the last year? How have the lockdowns and changes in human activity impacted this outdoor space? As we begin to look forward, what does the natural world have to offer?


Your creative contemplations can take any form! Whatever your preferred or chosen method of creativity, expression and exploration – it is welcome! There is no limit on the type, style or form of art you wish to create. 


This is an opportunity to devote ourselves to meaningful listening, to refresh our minds, bodies and spirit and is an invitation to experience ‘being in silence’ while sensing in/with Nature.


We invite you to share your own documentation by uploading any images, writing, photography or recordings that you make during/as a result of the event.


This Earth Day, let us truly listen and show our gratitude to those spaces which have provided us with some much-needed energy, space and support!

Let us take time to pause and listen to Nature. Let us be open and receptive to its sounds and rhythms. Let us continue in this journey to enjoy and explore the outdoors…

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My Walk by Irene Lavety
Earth Day Walk by Martina Polleros from

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