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Earth Day 2020 - Reflections

In honour of Earth Day on the 22nd April 2020, we at Dunami invited you to participate in a small individual happening – a creative contemplation Anywhere Outdoors in Nature.

Together, in shared time over a two-hour period, we engaged in individual artistic encounters with Nature in active listening and No Talking.

We invited you to share your creative reflections and documentation. The work shared so far can be viewed on our Earth Day 2020 page. Thank you so much for all those who have uploaded their work already! It is wonderful to see the way in which individuals have engaged with Nature in different ways.

We invite you now to continue sharing and uploading these creative reflections.

If you have not had the opportunity to upload any work yet, you are still warmly invited to share it over the coming days and weeks. Whether you have an image, a piece of audio or video or some text you would like to share, simply upload it on the Earth Day 2020 page, using the link above. We will continue to update the gallery regularly as more work is shared.

Let us celebrate Earth Day every day. Let us continue to take time to pause and listen to Nature. Let us be open and receptive to its sounds and rhythms. Let us continue in this journey to enjoy and explore the outdoors…

Thank you once again for joining us in this initiative this week. We have greatly enjoyed sharing this time and work with you and look forward to seeing more of your creative responses!

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