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Living A Sustainable Lifestyle

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Creating an eco-firendly home

Being aware of nature and our impact on every aspect of it is becoming ever-more important. Every day our choices have consequences on our environment. The key is to try to make choices which impact positively on our planet.

This, of course, can be easier said than done. With the growing focus on climate change and the catastrophic consequences that await us if we don’t change our behaviour, it can seem overwhelming to even begin to approach changing our own habits and lifestyle. Yet this is precisely what we need to do.

Luckily, there are small steps that each of us can take to get started on a more positive and sustainable way of living.

How To Start Living Sustainably

Maybe you’re ready to make big lifestyle changes. This year, we at Dunami, we are intending to start working on our ability to live sustainably, including trying to find ways to make our homes more ecologically-friendly. It is not a small task! But it is one which we believe will make a positive and necessary impact to our environment, as well as setting a good example for our children and helping to educate them along the way. Together, we will learn and evolve to become more ecologically aware and conscious of the choices we are making. We hope you will share in this journey with us.

But perhaps, you are only just starting out. Maybe you want to make changes but can't think of where to start? Or maybe you wonder whether the actions of a single person can really make that much difference?

We recently came across a fantastic book called, 'The Sustainable(ish) Living Guide' by Jen Gale, published by Green Tree. We would highly recommend this to anyone wanting to start on a path to a more sustainable way of life, without making big or radical changes to their lifestyle.

The Sustainable(ish) Living Guide by Jen Gale

One of the key messages from this book, as well as and much other research into sustainable living, emphasises the need to start small. Small changes over time make a big impact. As Jen Gale says, we should "aim for progress not perfection."

Consumerism and Sustainability

One of the simplest places to begin is to consider the things we buy.

Let us consider a common buy: food.

Think for a moment the amount of plastic that you bring into your home unconsciously after a trip to the supermarket. What small changes could you make to reduce this?

For example, could you buy fruit and vegetables in reusable bags? Instead of bottles, could you buy drinks in glass bottles that can be recycled/reused? Perhaps you could buy more fresh produce that doesn’t require plastic packaging? Would you consider switching from plastic bags to tote bags for instance?

Reusable food packaging

An invitation

So, we invite you to join us in this journey towards developing a more aware and sustainable lifestyle. Let us each make one small change this week.

Which item(s) in your weekly shop will you choose to be more thoughtful about buying?

Share your thoughts and comments below and inspire one another.

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