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Work In Development

NATURE’S I – On Felt Thinking in Movement

An Eco-Somatic Wellbeing Guide

About the project/introduction:

Brief overview of the project, its purpose and aims.

Emphasise that it's a continuation of the work Anna began with the PhD; explain the direction of the work, its relationship to the outdoors/landscapes.

Who is the work for?

Explain that the work aims to be fully accessible for everyone, whatever their physical (dis)abilities/limitations/age, etc.

It is meant to be instructive and will be able to be accessed in a range of formats as the projects continues and evolves.

Ways to access the work/project:

(This can be updated as more work is released/made available, including any subsequent e-publications that become available).

Currently, we can add info about the audio guides and 1:1 sessions with Anna.

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