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MA Theatre Practice

BA (Hons) Theatre with Textual Practices

PGCE Primary Education

Diana Monteiro Toombs
Diana Monteiro Toombs
Diana Monteiro Toombs

I have been working as a theatre practitioner for the last fifteen years, focusing specifically on psychophysical theatre practices since 2010. Having originally trained as an actress, I found myself most drawn to directing and writing. I now work as a freelance writer, writing about a broad spectrum of topics, including theatre and performance, wellbeing, technology and parenthood.

In 2012 I founded DVM Theatre. As a director I have a strong interest in new writing and working with emerging artists from across the performing arts. I am also interested in ways in which classic plays can be (re)staged and rewritten for contemporary audiences in such a way as to more fully address the issues facing our society today.

Within my theatre practice, my focus is upon psychophysical techniques, as taught by Phillip Zarrilli, with whom I trained at the University of Exeter in 2010-2011. I continue to explore the impact and benefits of such practices for actor training, whilst further researching and examining how such long-term, assiduous training and pre-expressive systems of practice can be used practically in rehearsals by directors and companies, for both scripted and devised performances.

Through my collaboration with Anna Dako at Dunami, I have been able to extend my practice further, considering ways in which movement and mindful practices can be applied in wider contexts. In particular, how the environment in which we work and practice in can shape and influence our work, mindset and wellbeing.

Alongside Anna, I have also been exploring actionable ways to lead a more sustainable lifestyle and, since November 2019, I have been writing the weekly Mindful Living blog for Dunami, as well as supporting the digital work and development of the company.

To find out more about my work, essays and system of training, take a look at my website DVM Theatre, or connect with me on Twitter @DVMTheatre.

Playing The Maids (Exeter, 2010)
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