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Mindful Being

Mindfulness in Somatic Education for Organisations

Paths for Supportive Activities for Organisations



  1. Mindful Being:
    Weekly Online Sessions via Zoom (approx. 30 min) with audio/video guidance (experiential and restorative).

    Mindful Being sessions are currently delivered via online tools, i.e. Zoom. The main focus of these sessions will provide all participants with a regular opportunity to engage with the practices of Mindfulness and Mindful Relaxation. The sessions will also provide a wider context of somatic, experiential education and its therapeutic principles. Mindful Being can be offered ongoingly or in an initial block of 8 or 12 weeks with a follow up reviewing period.


  2. Connect with Yourself:
    Extended Weekly or Monthly Online Sessions via Zoom (approx. 45 min) with educational and instructive guidance on Somatic Self-Care Practices (experiential, reflective and informative)

    Alongside the Mindful Being sessions, anybody who is interested in more physically engaging experience of mindful movement work, which might be compared to subtle forms of yoga practice, can access an extended session of Connect With Yourself. This can be added in time and take place either weekly or monthly.

    If desired, the extended Connect With Yourself session can be delivered as a follow up to the introductory, 30 min-long Mindful Being session on the same day. This provides all participants with a beautiful opportunity to deepen the practice of self-care after the warming up Mindfulness session, making the total time spent on the day: 1.5 hrs.


  3. One-to-One Somatic Therapy Sessions (online) with focused guidance

    One-to-One Somatic Therapy option is offered only as a further recommendation to those interested in pursuing a more individually guided therapy work, outside their working hours.

Background Information


What Is Somatic Movement Education?

Somatic Movement enhances human function and body-mind integration through mindful and restorative movement. The profession encompasses distinct disciplines each with their own educational or therapeutic emphasis, principles, methods and techniques.

The practices incorporate: postural and movement evaluation; experiential anatomy; guided movement patterning to increase efficiency; all while developing perceptual, kinesthetic and proprioceptive sensitivity. Somatic Movement Education and Therapy supports homeostasis, co-regulation and neuro-plasticity for all students and clients and embodied, contemplative inner sensing and mindfulness are integral parts of the practice.



The International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association (ISMETA) is a collaborative of individuals and organizations dedicated to evolving the field of Somatic Movement Education and Therapy. ISMETA is committed to building the professional community of Somatic Movement Educators and Therapists worldwide and advocating for the profession in legal and governmental arenas. ISMETA works to educate the general public about somatic work and its principles and help our colleagues in Integrative Healthcare, Human Services, Education and the Arts understand the benefits of Somatic Movement Education and Therapy.


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