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Forest Within - An In The Open Production

During November, we will be working on our first In The Open devised project and film. The project, called ‘Forest Within’, will be a site-specific movement production in response to and dialogue with the forest site at Countesswells in Aberdeen.

Anna Dako will be leading a group of movement artists over the course of the next four weeks of devising. Together, they will explore the forest site, engaging in somatic-based choreographics practices, which incorporate the Felt Thinking methodology developed by Anna. The process will culminate in a filmed two-day event at the end of the month.

Throughout November we will be sharing updates, insights and inspirations which arise from the devising process. The final film will also be available to purchase, with all proceeds being donated to a local Aberdeen charity. We will be sharing more details of ways in which you can donate to the charity and support the film nearer to its release date. We want to create work that not only responds to the natural site and its environment, but to also create art that supports and helps our communities.

As Countesswells is an open local nature reserve, we also invite and welcome you to engage with the project yourselves. We will be on site on Monday and Saturday afternoons. Members of the public who are using the forest during this time are welcome to pause and take the opportunity to encounter us as we work on site. We ask only that you please observe social-distancing measures and follow all Covid guidelines.

Audience engagement is an element of the process that we are very much looking forward to. Whether you simply go for a walk in Countesswells forest or you spend some time observing us and our practice, we would love to hear your responses!

We encourage you to address and reflect on the following questions:

What does this forest offer you? Why do you come here?

How does this clear-felled place make you feel?

How do you connect to the landscape around you?

Your thoughts and reflections will be important to our process and will help shape our work and its development. Again, it is important for us that our work and this project, serve not only the arts, but also the community and the individuals who encounter it.

We welcome responses in all formats, including photographs, videos, audio reflection and text. You can upload your responses at any times via the Forest Within page on the website.

If you want to support us, please share this post and news of this project, as well as engaging with our ongoing audience engagement and response invitation. Why not join us for our Walk To Wellbeing this Saturday in Countesswells Forest?

We cannot wait to begin this project and to share it with you all!

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