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The Spring Seedling 2022

Join us for a one day celebration and workshop sessions, exploring the joy of movement!

On Saturday 26th March 2022 we will be hosting the first Spring Seedling event, at The Schoolhill Studios in Aberdeen. Through the workshop exchanges, we will be exploring different ways in which we can access different parts of the body, bringing awareness, energy and joy of movement to each. The theme for the first Spring Seedling event will centre around the Heart, Ground and Rhythm, alongside Joy. We will seek to explore different ways in which we can bring joy to movement, in all its different forms.

The Spring Seedling

The Spring Seedling will consist of three workshops, led by Martina Polleros, Dr Anna Dako and Francis Angol. The day will close with an opportunity for participants and workshop leaders to engage in shared exchange and reflection, as well as having the opportunity to ask questions and sow seeds for further work, practice and research.

This is an opportunity for existing movement and somatic practitioners to network and expand their skills. Yet, it also provides a good entry points for those who are new to the practice and who may want to explore what it has to offer.

Through the workshop exchanges, you will be able to explore your own quality of movement and learn how you too can use movement for support. From using dance and movement to support yourself, to helping others to provide support for themselves in a range of contexts. You will gain insight into how you can use movement and somatic practices for self-care, growth and wellbeing.

The Workshops


workshop facilitation: Martina Polleros, MA, RSME/T

​How silent must we become to hear our heart?

Many people, who are exposed to the pressure of our time, have lost the connection to their sensuous, caring, tender-hearted bodies.

With a drastic outcome for our physical and psychic health exhaustion, anxiety, depression and various other health conditions.

Our body is our first home. It is through our body that we experience and act upon the world. Every now and then it is time to come home and find rest, nourishment and to become still and listen to the song and movement of who we are.

This Workshop is dedicated to homecoming, to heart listening, to self-care and self-exploration. Through movement, dance and stillness I invite you to reconnect, to deeply dive into your body, your heart and listen…

Body Streaming

workshop facilitation: Dr Anna Dako, RSME/T

With what vibrational tones and movement frequencies does the Earth connect with the heart in the moment of emotional release?

How can we listen to the pounding rhythms of the ground with childlike and curious feet?, and

How come that the heart always yearns for joy, found in connection beyond words but flooded in heartfelt sound?

​In this explorative workshop we will be guided by such questions, in movement, but more importantly, we will be guided by the beats felt, heard, and streamed from within our embodied and living sound-scaping.

​We will be finding rhythms, we will be finding sounds, we will be finding silence too, and we will be tuning into the sound-ful dialoguing in search for inner joy while opening our hearts.

What might your joyous inner landscape feel like in movement?


Grounded Flow: Negotiating body, space, rhythm, and breath

workshop facilitation: Francis Angol

Embodied Flow – Negotiating body, space, rhythm, and breath

Synthesising cultural traditions with contemporary norms through body, space, rhythm, and breath, is the state of play moving from one’s inner space.

Through movement we can learn about ourselves and our environment, and how that supports our learning of everything we do and of what and who we are.

Embodied Flow, an opportunity allowing the individual to move with the consciousness to move, and the unconsciousness to be moved, engaging through physical will, and emotional surrender.

Release the body within an inner state of inter-connected flow to experience and explore the inner sensations, feelings, and emotions of will and surrender.

Deepen one’s awareness, as you traverse the body through a widening field of possibilities, to release the body within a state of physical and spiritual flow.

A chance to tap into the unspoken rhythmic dialogue between the inner and outer landscape of one’s being, to rejuvenate the body, allowing one to experience the life that is, rather than the lifestyle that one may shadow.

Join us for The Spring Seedling!

Tickets are are on sale now and are available to purchase directly from MINDBODY online bookings service by Citymoves, which you can access here.

For a full schedule and for more information about the event, please see the website. You can also join our Spring Seedling event on Facebook, where you can join in the discussion and share your experiences and reflections.

This is an event we are very excited to be able to finally share. It is our hope that through this event, practitioners, at all stages of their movement journey can benefit and make new discoveries and connections.

We would love to have you join us and as always, please share this post with anyone who you think might benefit from it.

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