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World Animal Day 2020

World Animal Day will be celebrated on Sunday 4th October this year. It is a day which aims to “raise the status of animals in order to improve welfare standards around the globe”.

Throughout the world, different organisations, groups and individuals are encouraged to organise events which promote and celebrate World Animal Day. The day is marked and celebrated in different ways in every country and serves as an opportunity to bring people together and to raise awareness of the plight and challenges faced by animals worldwide.

About World Animal Day

It is hoped that through this yearly celebration, a wider animal welfare movement can be promoted and mobilised. The larger movement behind World Animal Day seeks to promote and establish social justice for all living creatures. Through events, it is hoped that awareness and education around animal welfare and protection can be increased, which will ultimately lead to legal reform and social change and progress.

The ultimate aim of the World Animal Day celebration and wider animal welfare movement, is to mobilise people from across the world to take action so as to ensure that we can collectively create a fairer and better place for all animals to live in.

Celebrate World Animal Day with Dunami

At Dunami, we will be celebrating World Animal Day through creative contemplations and reflections throughout the course of the day. We warmly invite you to join us as we pause to reflect on the vast animal species which share the planet with us.

From pets who share our living spaces, to animals who make our local nature reserves their home, to exotic animals on the other side of the planet and even those which have become extinct, on October 4th, we will be reflecting on them all.

We will be sharing creative responses in all their forms on our website. We also invite you to share your own creative responses, moments of and interactions with animals. Whether you choose to share and upload an image or photograph, a video, an audio recording or some creative writing or text, we really look forward to celebrating the wonderfully diverse animal life all around us with you.

An Invitation…

We will be welcoming your contributions to our World Animal Day 2020 celebration throughout October. However, if you are able to, dedicate some time this Sunday 4th October to some reflection.

If you have a pet, spend some dedicated time with them and share your photos or stories with us. You can also take a walk through your local nature reserve or even just around your neighbourhood and try to spot different animals. Can you find the smallest creatures, as well as the biggest ones?

Another lovely activity, especially if you have children, can be to watch a documentary together either about your favourite animal or to learn about some new animals or a habitat you are less familiar with. You may also decide to write some animal poetry together as a family or create some artwork, be it pictures, paintings, sketches or even playdough creations. We would love to see contributions and celebrations from all ages!

If you are feeling inspired, why not engage in a creative response, using World Animal Day as a stimulus? You can create a short movement response, a musical response or even share some creative writing. Or perhaps, you simply want to take some time to sit in quiet reflection and contemplation outdoors, opening your awareness to the sounds of animals all around you.

Whatever your preferred method of reflection and contemplation, we look forward to your contributions and to sharing the day with you and all others worldwide celebrating World Animal Day.

As always, please share this post and connect with us in the comments below, on our Facebook page or via the Shared Thoughts Forum.

Happy World Animal Day!

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